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10 GOOD REASONS for choosing a Vespa Tour


Hotels & Farmhouses

The hotels and farmhouses that we proposed in the different regions are all carefully selected and high quality.

Kindness of the staff, hygiene, security and richness of breakfast  being the main points of evaluation.

Most of them have a swimming pool.



When we deliver the Vespa at the hotel we supply you with a detailed technical briefing in English, a road book with our proposed panoramic itineraries, an information leaflet about the region as well as a list of suggested restaurants for your dinners and lunches.


Immediate Assistance

We guarantee an immediate assistance 7/7.

In case of urgencies we are there to assist you at any time.



Our road-books are systematically checked and revised when needed.

We propose the best panoramic  itineraries paying attention to the driving safety conditiosn as well.


Damage Waiver

We offer as option a Collision Damage Waiver covering any damages to the Vespa without exemption.

If you subscribe it we will not require any credit card or deposit as guarantee, while most of local rentals ask for deposit sometime over 500 euro per Vespa.



Our Vespa are properly registered for rental use. It is against the law to use for rental Vespa which are registered for private use.

Such infringement is punished by Italian laws.

Our insurance covers the rental use.



Our prices are clear and transparent and include the delivery at your hotel without any extra charges.



Our Vespa and Fiat 500 convertible are properly and systematically maintained.


Emergency Phone Number

During our briefing we supply you with  emergency phone numbers that you can call at any time.

The operator will answer you in English.



La bella Italia by Vespa and Fiat 500 Cabrio exists since 16 years.

We are an official  Italian tour operator with an asset of thousands satisfied customers.

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