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1) Since what age  can someone drive a  Vespa?

Our Vespa are 125 cc displacement and 11 HP. According to the Italian laws you can drive them since the age of 16 if you hold an A1 driving license or since the age of 18th if you hold a B driving license.

Drivers younger than 18 holding an A1 driving license are not allowed to take any passengers on their Vespa.

We have in our fleet few Vespa 50 cc displacement which can be used since the age of 14th years by drivers holding an A driving license.


2) Which driving license is requested to drive a Vespa?

See answer 1)


3) Are your tours organized on fix dates of  fix days  of the week?

Our tours are organized on free dates, therefore, accordingly to availability, you can book your tours at any dates.


4) Can kids be passengers on a Vespa?

Accordingly to art. 170 of Italian driving code passengers on 2 wheels vehicles must be at least 5 years old. For kids shorter than 1,30 metres we supply special safety seats free of charge.


5) What kind of insurance coverage have your  Vespa?

Our  Vespa  are properly registered for rental use and properly insured for this specific purpose with a third parties liabilities insurance+theft and fire with an exemption of 350 euro on theft event. The maximum insurance coverage is  6.000.000 euro per accident. The insurance covers all damages caused to third parties (passenger included), it does not cover damages to the Vespa driver.

In addition we offer an optional Vespa Collision Damage Waiver which covers all damages caused to the Vespa without exemption.


6) Do you require credit card or deposit as guarantee?

If you subscribe the Vespa Collision Damage Waiver agreement we do not require any credit card or deposit as guarantee. Otherwise we require a credit card or, in alternative, a deposit of 350 euro.


7) What size cylinders are your Vespa?

See answer 1).


8) Which fuel type is used in your Vespa and which is the consumption?

Our Vespa use unleaded petrol.

The fuel tank capacity is 8.5 liters, with one full tank you can drive between 120 and 150 km, being the consumption related to the driving style and to the weight carried.


9) Is it difficult to ride a Vespa  for someone without experience?

Our Vespa are automatic gears, therefore it is quite easy to ride them  if you have a common sense of balance on 2 wheels and a common coordination ability. Those people who are less than 1.6 metre high could experience some problems when stopping, because they could not be able to touch completely the floor with their feet. To this people we suggest to book the Vespa 50 cc which is a bit lower and lighter.

During the delivery of the Vespa we give a detailed technical briefing about  the Vespa drive.


10) Do you offer also the rental Vespa without accommodation package?

Kalitumba Travel is a licensed tour operator who has integrated its activity with the direct purchase of  Vespas and Fiat 500 convertible for rental use. Therefore the simple rental is not our mission. We believe that we can offer a more complete and high quality product. In short we are not a simple scooter rental. Behind our product  “Tour by Vespa and Fiat 500 convertible”  there is a careful selection of the hotels, a careful choice of the panoramic  itineraries, a detailed road-book subject to periodical reviews .

The staff who delivers the Vespa at the hotel is trained not just to give a complete technical briefing but to give you tourism information as well. One part of the briefing is made in front of the Vespa the rest of it is made while sitting in a pleasant terrace of the hotel in an informal conversation style. This is our product, this is the formula we are proud to have created. This is the reason why many of our guests are returning every year in order to discover with us a new Italian region by Vespa or Fiat 500 Convertible.

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