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Hakuna Matata is probably her to-go mantra. Always up for a chat and constantly brainstorming and thinking of new ideas, the Vespa queen is always hungry for more. Home to the Piedmont region she loves Barolo wine and to cook the local specialties, which comes with way too many sweets that always make their way to the office! Next to her infinite love for her home region she often daydreams about being back on safari in Tanzania and to see the animals in their natural untouched habitat: it gives her peace of mind to know that this world does not need the hands of human beings to survive on its own.


You cannot take the Belgian out of the king of Vespa.

He might look a little Italian to you, making a fuss over his coffee but don’t be fooled, no matter where he lives or moves to, he will always miss a good decent Belgian ‘Vol-au-Vent’.

If he is not behind his huge screen making sure Kalitumba is working at its finest, you can find him taking care of his dearest fish in a 500L aquarium. We still think that the maintenance of that thing is a bigger job than running Kalitumba. 


For Antonio is more than 10 years with us!

If you can’t find him on his Vespa, he is hiking

(still to this day!) high up in the mountains near his home in Piemonte.

That’s where he finds his ultimate peace of mind.

The patience and calmness he experiences up there reflects deeply in his work.

He carefully writes and designs all of our programs and makes sure everything runs as smoothly as his favorite melted ‘Raschera cheese’.


Debby Webby has been creating and designing for Kalitumba since 2015.

She feels at ease behind the camera, translating stories into vivid pictures and she can make a hella-good coffee too.

She’s a big fan of every kind of pasta under the sun and for that, she’s grateful to live in the Pasta Capital of the world.

Off duty, she loves walking her dog and catching up over a glass of Barbaresco wine.


Ely started working with us many years ago. As a student worker helping out in busy summertimes, she quickly got the hang of it and later decided to become a full-time Kalitumba presence in 2017. After working and travelling between Paris and Italy, she became tired of the city life and moved to Tuscany that has been her home since. Simply put, she loves everything in this region! As a happy art and history lover, she’s on the everlasting quest to discover every historical town in Italy, preferably accompanied by a glass of good red Sangiovese ‘Feribbie ITG’ wine.

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